Lapis Geofinder has the feature to capture aerial ortho images from WMS based servers.
Here are the steps to follow how to carry this out. Assuming you’ve already downloaded Lapis from the website of Autodesk Exchange Apps Store and installed on your PC.

  • Start Lapis Geofinder from the Add-ins ribbon tab.
  • Define the window of interest by clicking the Define Window button from the Lapis toolpalette.
  • Click the Aerial Photo tab.
  • Choose the available provider, the layer and image type format.
  • Then choose the image quality.
    • The High Quality will download and insert a high resolution image and may contain multiple tiles which can consume a lot of time to download and to build the overall image. Use this only when you are sure of the size of the area to capture an image from.
    • The Preview Quality for quick previews will only contain 1 tile with very rough image quality.
  • Click the Download/Insert button.
    • If you have opted for the High-Quality image,enter a unique name for the overall image.

See below the video recording how this can be done easily.

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